The Best Apps for Writers

Whether it’s an article you’re writing for the school newspaper, or for someone you want to go on a date with, writing has always been one of the most classic ways to express your feelings toward something and someone. We now see writers perform what they write, or put it into more visual means. As we approach the digital age, we see writers also changing from traditional notebooks to short video clips and message threads. Various mobile and computer applications have evolved the way writers organize their work. From clusters of notebooks to a single file folder. Writers can now choose to bring their works anywhere, they allowed synchronization of data which makes it even more portable. 

We’ve listed some applications that would definitely help you improve your writing skills. 

Boost your imagination with these apps! 

·         Writing Challenge 

o   This is a game-based app that aims to keep the ideas coming. You are given prompts at specific time intervals and here, you can use these to think of new ideas. 

·         The Brainstormer 

o   The Brainstormer randomly generates inspiration. It features wheels to help you think of the perfect character, perfect world for the story you’ve been meaning to write for a while! And if you want to base it off other novels, don’t worry! You can create your own wheel of inspiration. 

·         Mind Node 

o   Mental maps are visual representations of your ideas. You create mental maps when you’re thinking of different scenarios starting at different focal points. Mind Node helps you create mental maps without difficulties. It’s user-friendly and is great for groups too. You can input all your ideas and the app will organize and tailor-fit all the ideas! 

·         Poetreat 

o   This poetry app will help you think of rhymes faster. It would suggest words that would sound best for your poem. And once you’re finished, you can share them via the app itself. 

·         Milanote 

o   If you see images in your mind more than you hear ideas, this is the app for you. Milanote is great for visual thinkers. Now we know what you’re thinking but.. This isn’t a sketching app. Think of this app as a pinboard where you can pin stuff and put text blocks on it. 

Writer’s Block Bothering You? 

    Writer’s block is experienced by writers when thoughts just suddenly feel so overwhelming that they jam and get stuck somewhere behind messy thoughts. Sometimes, it gets you the least time you’d expect it too, even when you’ve had an idea in mind. 

·         Storyist 

o   Focusing on small details is hard, especially when you’re going to be writing a short story or novel. Storyist helps you by keeping track of the smallest details. Yes, this includes your plot and you’re settings! 

·         WriterDuet 

o   This is for those who need an extra hand! WriterDuet features real-time collaborations that will surely get you the extra push you need. Not to mention, since this is an app that allows collaboration, you might not just be getting one idea from one person, anyone can help you improve your storyline! 

Applications for quick writers: 

·         Write or Die 

o   This is a tool to help you write fast. It lets you set your word count goal, and the time you would want to finish it. Write or Die would help you keep your thoughts at bay by exercising your mind to keep your focus on the work itself. You’re going to need this if you’re the type to leave works half finished. Or if you like to procrastinate, because surely, this app won’t let you. 

·         Dragon Dictation 

o   Dragon Dictation is probably the quickest way to transcribe your works. This is also ideal for those who don’t have the time to hold their phones but would need to take note of ideas and information. It allows you to record your thoughts when you’re busy doing something else. You can keep track and note stuff while on-the-go! You can even dictate your own Facebook status using this app. 

·         Steller 

o   Steller is an app that will allow you to create image based books! Share your recent trips, favorite recipes with this app. 

Organize your thoughts better! 

·         Evernote 

o   Evernote is one of the most well known note apps out there. It makes remembering things easier. You can write full-blown documents, small memos and even journal entries while taking them everywhere with you as long as you have the Evernote Software installed in your device. 

·         Microsoft OneNote 

o   Unlike any other note taking app, this app acts like actual paper. Tap or click anywhere on the page and you can add content on that very same space! You can customize your notes further because OneNote would let you choose your paper texture. It works the same way as binders too when organizing your notes! This is an all in one app that gives you a little hint of reality in the digital realm. 

Writing doesn’t have to be hard, if you’re having difficulties in writing traditionally, you can try to download some of the apps we’ve mentioned to make your job easier and more efficient. And in the modernizing world, it is normal to move to smart devices. So don’t hesitate and worry about not being able to convey your emotions completely, because it’s all in the way you deliver your message.  


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